References CYBERFLOW Accelerator

The INVENT CYBERFLOW® Accelerator has been specially developed and optimised for the energy-efficient the generation of a horizontal flow in the recirculation basin for biological wastewater treatment. The overall fluid mechanics concept used here is revolutionary in comparison to conventional flow generators. This results in improvements in the level of efficiency of up to 30%, irrespective of the application. This is made possible by a holistic, fluid mechanics optimisation approach which considers not only the propeller design, but the entire machine in the interaction with the flow passage. This approach is based on the knowledge that themes which have so far been ignored, for example the

• installation location
• installation position
• flow direction
• incident flow
• wake
• design of the foot

play an important role in addition to the propeller design for the overall level of efficiency of a horizontal flow accelerator. INVENT has studied these topics in depth and as a result created an exceptionally energy-efficient product for biological wastewater treatment.