As a result of the exceptional suitability of the HYPERCLASSIC®- Mixing and aeration system for Sequencing Batch Reactor plants, we have more than 15 years of experience and considerable knowhow in this fjeld. For this reason, we offer SBR plants as an INVENT system solution. In this case, we also supply a special clean-water decanting system and a cycle strategy that is tailored to the individual application.

In the field of construction of SBR plants, INVENT has carried out projects for the most varied applications. These include municipal wastewater treatment, and numerous industrial applications in fields such as brewing, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, refineries, and the food and drinks industry.

In the municipal field, INVENT has numerous references round the world, starting from small and medium-sized plants all the way up to large municipal sewage treatment plants. We have special ist knowhow for the treatment of wastewater from the fermentation of biowaste.